OXYjet Detox Cellulite Massage

NEW: OXYtone intensive body massage: Disc + Roller + Bio Red/Blue Light

For a slim and firm body

There are problem areas which refuse to every kind of diet – a double chin, fat deposits of stomach, arms, legs and bottom. The “Body Slim” complex of active ingredients is working based on the principle of lipolysis injections. Applied to the local fat deposits the complex penetrates deep into the skin and helps to break down the fat into its components, exactly where desired. Then the fat deposits are reduced bit by bit, the tissue is detoxified and the skin is firmed and tightened.

1. The special rotating massage disc intensively stimulates dermis and subcutaneous tissue. In combination with OXYjet Body Slim Treatment and the Bio Red Light, the local fat deposits are broken up and the skin beyond is firmed

2. Specially formed for the appliance on arms and legs, the OXYtone Roller helps to reduce accumulations of the lymph and to detoxify the dermal and subcutaneous tissue. Unsightly irregularities of arms and legs are reduced, the surface appears smoother

3. In combination with OXYjet Cool Body Spray and Bio Blue Light, arms and legs are firmed. Concentrated oxygen refreshes and vitalises the skin

OXYjet Detox Anti-Cellulite Massage 30min-$80


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