Ayurvedic Body Therapies and Reflexology

1. Ayurvedic Hot Oil Massage (Abhyanga) with Custom Blended Organic Oils – Immerse yourself in bliss with a traditional Indian hot oil massage.  Inspired by Vedic Scriptures, this massage balances your chakras, rejuvenates the body, relaxes the mind, and transforms the spirit by utilizing body awareness, intuitive guidance, pranic healing and medicated organic herbal oils specifically designed to balance your constitution.  Benefits include complete relaxation, reduced  joint & muscle tension and relief from chronic pain such as arthritis & bursitis, back & neck pain, alleviates depression, nervousness & anxiety and stimulates lymphatic drainage. 

60 mins – $80.00

90 mins – $120.00

2hrs – $ 160.00

2. Relaxing Ayurvedic Head and Scalp Massage or Revitalizing Ayurvedic Hair Treatment – Warm aromatic organic oils cascade onto the forehead and are massaged into the scalp, neck, upper back, shoulders and arms.  Allow yourself to melt and be fully rejuvenated as the oils relax your central nervous system, relieve headaches and eye strain, while acting to tone and beautify the face and skin.  Benefits include anti-aging, cognitive enhancement, stress reduction, sound sleep, deep and profound relaxation, hair follicle stimulation and balancing dry scalp.

45 mins – $75.00 (+5.oo for long hair)

3. Ayurvedic Reflexology with Custom Blended Organic Oils – Suffer from tired or sore feet?  Have varicose veins, sciatica or arthritis in the feet, ankles, or knees?  Padaabhyanga or Ayurvedic foot massage as it is known in the west is a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment that relieves sore feet and legs, stimulates circulation, helps prevent sciatica, and varicose veins.  

30 mins – $45.00

60 mins – $80.00

God/Goddess Rituals Package

60 mins Full Body Massage + 30 mins Revitalizing Hair treatment + 30 mins Neuro Spa –  $149.99 special price

Also available are custom blended abhyanga oils, oil pulling oils, and chakra balancing oils specifically made to your constitution to take home with you! 

**Benefits Accepted!

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