Thai Massage

Osteothai for the lower back condition

THAI YOGA BODYWORK is a flowing, relaxing and a deep full body massage based
on the principles of Traditional Thai Massage. Began in the temples of Thailand,
this 2 500 year old healing art has roots in Ayurvedic Medicine, yoga and Traditional
Chinese Medicine. Practiced with mindfulness and loving- kindness, one can expect
long-lasting wellness on the physical, emotional and energetic levels from the
Now gaining popularity in the West, Thai yoga massage is proving to be a powerful
bodywork therapy for stress and numerous health issues: chronic tension and
stiffness, neck and shoulder pain, low back issues, sciatica, muscular pain, Carpel
Tunnel Syndrome, digestive disorder, joint tension, poor circulation, weak immune
system, low energy, migraine and much more.
Performed on a comfortable floor mat, the receiver is taken on a slow dance journey
by the practitioner where one massage posture flows into another with ease and
grace. With emphasis on the ten major energy lines of the body, Thai yoga massage
also involves guided breathing, gentle stretching, light and deep rhythmic pressure,
acupressure, palming, thumbing, reflexology and more. This all assist in releasing
muscular and joint tension, and restoring natural energy flow along the meridians in
the body. Needless to say, it also does wonders for increasing ones’ flexibility and

Thai Yoga bodywork can benefit and be enjoyed by people of all ages and at all levels
of fitness.

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